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  Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Central Gas System Installations
  LPG/LNG Specialist Products
  Electromechanical Control Systems
  Annual Maintenance Contracts for Central gas Systems 
  Utility Billing System for Gas Usage in Apartments    
  Examining & Precise Study of Energy Conservation
  Conversion of Electrical Energy to LPG for Thermal Equipments
  Calibration of Gas monitoring Systems
  Coordination for Interlinking Wet Chemical, Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems for Central
Gas Installations
Our Specialties
  Value Engineering consultancy for LPG and central gas storage systems.
  Strict implementation of Leakage monitoring System for LPG/propane and other flammable gases to avoid accidents andwastages
  Optimum and cost effective design for maximum storage/filling capacity
  Flexible custom made design to suit available space and location.
  Designed strictly as per NFPA standards and Local Authority regulations
  Best equipments and process to suit atmospheric/site conditions.
  Best workmanship for better look and trouble free operation.
  Performance guarantee for entire facility and dependable service for any technical problem.
  Free Annual Maintenance Contract for Installations and equipments for a Period of 12 months
Assessment & Site Study
We make thorough assessment and site study before proposing a new system to make the same cost effective and precise. Our tendering team and marketing guys coordinate to get better price for any estimates.
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