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  Central Gas System   Industrial Gas Installations
    Carbon Steel Fittings
  Gas Flow Meters   Gas Solenoid Valves
  Pressure Vessel Fittings   LPG Vapouriser
  Domestic Gas Detection Systems   Commercial Gas Detection Systems
Central Gas System
The system comprises cylinder manifold/central gas system with distribution and pressure regulation network of  qualitative design and equipments to suit the current metropolitan requirements.  central gas network system has become mandatory and avoids  hassle of handling individual cylinders. Compatible to BMS  
Industrial/Commercial Central Gas Systems
Consists of cylinder manifold /central gas storage With pipe in pipe distribution network for additional safety .sophisticated PRDP and automatic leak detection system with explosion proof detectors  and state of the art  kitchen equipments are part of this system
LPG Vaporizer 
Whole range of LPG /propane vapouriser of both indirect heating and waterless  type with advanced features.Capacities ranging from 40kg/Hr to 1000kg/Hr is offered . Vaporizer helps to meet the additional vapour requirement apart from the natural vapourisation from cylinders/central gas tank.
Control Valves & Regulators
Includes Isolation ball valves ,relief valves,gauges,pressure switches ,High pressure regulators,low pressure regulators,UPSOs,OPSOs ,strainer &NRVs,Flashback arrestor
Gas Flow Meters
All range gas meters of different capacities used in domestic and industrial/commercial system are offered. Range includes high accuracy / high volume meters. Usage of gas meters not only ensures precise billing but also the detection of pilferage / leakage by reconciliation of readings  
Gas Solenoid Valves
Included total range of solenoid valves intrinsically safe and explosion proof of different Coil voltage  from 12 DC to 230V DC and mounting types  screwed and flanged.Automatic Gas Shut off using solenoid valve in central gas systems  ensures the safety of man and materials.

Pressure Vessel Fittings

All safety fittings on  Pressure vessels comprises of multi valves, Safety relief valves ,Level gauges, Remote level indicators, Fixed level gauges, Filler valves. excess flow valves, pop up valves etc as per the requirements of international and local standards.
Domestic Gas Detection Systems
Automatic leak detection system with detectors and control panels and audio visual indicators to ensure the most safe storage and usage of gas .Systems are available as per requirement from stand alone to grouped system compatible to BMS.Leakage LPG is monitored by continuous validation of LEL in the atmosphere  and highy sensitive   gas detectors are used for domestic systems to ensure total safety
Commercial Gas Detection Systems
A control panel connected to single or grouped gas detectors with audio/visual indicators are used in these commercial systems. Explosion proof and dust proof detectors are offered with Interlinking to any system like, wet chemical or fire alarm system  and BMS .
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