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It is very useful to learn how the central gas system is important in the new era of construction in well planned townships and metro cities. The central gas system is aroused and designed on the same concept of district cooling system or district water supply system. The reservoir in this case may be the natural gas reservoir or a centralized tank with various capacities as per the demand of consumption. It varies from a 100 lbs cylinder to a 1,000,000 liters water capacity sphere or more.

Now the most common practice is to install a tank confined for a building or two. The most important thing is the safe distance of tank installation as per NFPA 58. The fuel gas piping which starts from the tank to the end user point and the filling point should be in accordance with NFPA 54.

Pressure Regulating and Distributing Panel
LPG is compressed below its boiling point to store in containers. Atmospheric temperature is more than sufficient to vaporize the stored liquid. The pressure requirement is determined and regulated to achieve the accurate requirement in this panel
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