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  Central Gas System  
  Industrial Gas Installations  
  Control Valves & Regulators  
  Carbon Steel Fittings  
  Gas Flow Meters  
  Gas Solenoid Valves  
  Pressure Vessel Fittings  
  LPG Vapouriser  
  Domestic Gas Detection Systems  
  Commercial Gas Detection Systems  
Flare Technical Services LLC is a young venture in Dubai, UAE established in the year 2007 is engaged in the design, Installation testing and commissioning of Central Gas Systems. The company focuses to cater the increasing need of safe LPG, Natural Gas Installations being built all over UAE.
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It is very useful to learn how the central gas system is important in the new era
Better assessment of Risk involved in each central gas installation gives
Maintaining central gas system is equal to ensuring ZERO loss for property and human life. Periodical maintenance,    
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We at Flare Technical Services are dedicated to ensure the safety and quality of any LPG, Natural Gas Installations as per NFPA standards and Dubai Civil Defense requirements without sacrificing the customer satisfaction
Flare technical Services LLC is focused internationally to achieve a target of ZERO Loss for man and materials with an extended market share every year by delivering unmatched service and quality in our projects up to the satisfaction of our valued customers.
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